9 White Deer Stag Saor - Ireland's first and only Gluten-Free Range!

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The name 9 White Deer has a strong link to Baile Bhuirne, as it is where one of Ireland’s most famous saints; St. Gobnait visited and made it her place of resurrection. According to the 6th century fable, St Gobnait was told by an angel that where she will come upon 9 White Deer is where she will also find a mystical well and to then set up an Abbey and a church. The site that is associated with St Gobnaits revelation is just one kilometer away from the 9 White Deer Brewery in Baile Bhuirne Co. Chorcai

This new range of 5 Gluten-Free beers include:

- A Pale Ale
- An IPA
- A Red Ale
- Kolsch style beer (formerly branded as Saor)
- A Double Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

There were a few driving forces behind this project. A:Don, a Co-Owner of 9 White Deer Brewery, has an intolerance to gluten. B: The gaping void for gluten intolerant people in this industry when investigating market research. Therefore options were limited for this minority. 

In November 2016, 9 White Deer's Saor (the Kolsch style beer) picked up a bronze medal for all of Ireland – Beer and Lager category at the Blas Na hEireann awards. This is a big beer award, the fact that Saor is gluten free did not come into play as it is a blind tasting!

9 White Deer's aim in creating Saor was that it should taste like beer should, I think it’s safe to say this has been achieved and surpassed. Most gluten free beers are made with Sorghum, millet or another grain containing no gluten, 9 White Deer Brewery re-wrote the rulebook with Saor, it is made from 100% barley and removed the gluten through clever brewing techniques, the first brewery in Ireland to do so.

Now available - Buy here!

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