Christmas Day Beers

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Christmas Day. You might be dreading the faff or counting down the sleeps to the traditions. Whatever side of this fence you live on, as a Beer Fan the big question is “What Beer(s) Should I Drink on The Big Day?”.

Most importantly, I would say drink what you enjoy, not what you think needs to be seen on Insta/Twitter/Untappd!! After that I would have 2 other suggestions:
Have some good, reliable Festive Fridge Fillers that you have to have to share with surprise visitors (or someone who is unexpectedly feeling up for a craft beer) without dipping into your Secret Serious Beer Stash, or in case the beer you were hoping to knock your socks off isn’t doing it for you.
Pair your beers with your Christmas Dinner! You probably do it with wine, so why not embrace your love of beer for the Big Meal we’re all waiting for? Here are my Christmas Day Beer & Food Pairing suggestions:

    Saison & Turkey with trimmings – The rocket salad of the beer world! Spicy saisons are perfect for turkey, gravy, and all the trimmings. The sweetness, extra depth (thanks to the yeast), and lovely earthiness works even with Veggie only dinners. The lively carbonation of the style can cut through the fats and strong flavours to really compliment the most effortful dinner of the year.

    Heaney The Farmer Is The Man
    Saison Dupont
    De Molen Kort & Krachtig

    Smoked Beers /Rauchbier & Glazed Ham/Smoked Salmon– One of my personal favourites, but not for everyone. These are maltier (bread-y sweetness), and often darker, than your typical lagers but with that smoky bacon level of smoked. These are perfect with a glazed ham. If you’re not already wishing you had these in front of you right now, then more smoked beer for me!

    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen
    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock
    Tom Crean Brewery Druid’s Wheat Beer
    Barley Wine & Dessert - With flavours of dried fruits, nutty, and molasses, Barley Wines could be the perfect accompaniment to Christmas Dessert or instead of Christmas pudding.

    Brehon Brewhouse Red Right Hand Barley Wine
    Uiltje Brewing Co Tutti Frutti
    Lineman Insulator Barley Wine



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