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July 11, 2018

Welcome To The Beer Club

Hi Thanks for stopping by..We are Ireland's online supplier of world and craft beer. We love quality beers and hope that you do too.

We believe that life is too short to drink bland beer so we want to offer you a range of the finest beers from Ireland and around the world.

We supply a great range of craft beer gifts, hampers and home brew supplies. We also hold regular craft beer tastings & home brew courses - find out more in the Home Brew & Beer courses section..

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Cheers - The Beer Club

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Beer - 'The cause of and solution to all of life's problems' -Homer J Simpson

Shipping Now Reduced to only 6 euro -  Dublin & Nationwide!!

Have your fantastic beer delivered to your door for the price of a lousy pint of boring yellow Fizz!




Our Craft Beer Taster Journey! The Adventure Continues...

So, many of you have probably heard that we are in the process of hiring a Craft Beer taster (Yes, an actual real thing!) to help me creating tasting notes for our large and every changing range. 

This came about because my poor liver (and waistline) are struggling to keep up with all the new beers that we get in here at TheBeerClub.ie HQ. It was starting to take the fun out of beer, and I wanted to be mindful of the amount I was consuming on a weekly basis. 

After hundreds and hundreds of applications, multiple online news sites, and 1 radio interview later, we (meaning, just little ol'me) have finally whittled down the applications to a manageable 12 people! All those people have been contacted and informed of the next stage of the process.

What's the next stage? It's been decided to see how well these peeps are at identifying and talking about beer, so bring on A BLIND TASTING!! Four label-less beers will be delivered to our 12 second-round applicants, with some info on their optimum tasting temp (because we're not monsters!), and those applicants can do their beer nerd thing! 

It's worth mentioning that I had to be ruthless with the applications, and I wish I could have chosen more. Thanks for everyone for all the effort that they went to with the application!


Don't worry, photos of the label-less beers will make an appearance very shortly for yis to have a nosey/guess over.


To be continued...