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August 13, 2018

Welcome To The Beer Club

Hi Thanks for stopping by..We are Ireland's online supplier of world and craft beer. We love quality beers and hope that you do too.

We believe that life is too short to drink bland beer so we want to offer you a range of the finest beers from Ireland and around the world.

We supply a great range of craft beer gifts, hampers and home brew supplies. We also hold regular craft beer tastings & home brew courses - find out more in the Home Brew & Beer courses section..

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Beer - 'The cause of and solution to all of life's problems' -Homer J Simpson

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Have your fantastic beer delivered to your door for the price of a lousy pint of boring yellow Fizz!




The Craft Beer Taster Hunt Continues...

It turns out that trying to recruit people over the summer months is rather tricky! Holidays must be for people who don't have hundreds of beers to be tasting!

I've shared the photo of the beers on our social media before, but as the deadline for applicants approaches, I thought I'd share it again with the information the hopeful tasters were given.


After soaking 40 cans in the bath and painstakingly removing each label (with 1 manicure required after), these cans were shipped off to our 10 finalists at the end of July.


These were their instructions:


"Beer 1: Recommended serving temp is 7-10 degrees Celsius  

Beer 2: Recommended serving temp is 7-10 degrees Celsius  

Beer 3: Recommended serving temp is 10-13 degrees Celsius  

Beer 4: Recommended serving temp is 10-13 degrees Celsius  


There is no minimum or maximum word restrictions. The ultimate goal is to use tasting notes to add to our site for content, so let your personality and knowledge shine!

 Please email them to me by Friday 17th August."


As the final few notes trickle through in time for the deadline, why not take a guess at what's inside the naked cans!


Good Luck!