Bayreuther Brewery

Bayreuther Brewery have been brewing honest, original beer specialities according to traditional craftsmanship for over 150 years. With every freshly brewed brew, our master brewers show their passion for good beer with enthusiasm and technical talent.

Four ingredients for an honest beer

Our focus is on brewing the best beer and we only use select raw materials for this. All of our beer specialities are based on the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, which is why only four ingredients go into the brew kettle for a fine beer from the Bayreuth brewery. The brewing water comes from the nearby Fichtelgebirge, a low mountain range rich in springs, streams and lakes. Fortunately, the water is wonderfully soft and made for our beer specialities. We get the malt from malt houses, which get the barley from selected farms. The hops for our beer come from the Bavarian Hallertau and the Spalt cultivation area in Franconia, and we use yeast exclusively from our own pure breeding. We maintain close contact with our farmers and suppliers because they guarantee the best quality of our beers. It is important to us to be able to trace the entire route - from the grain to the barrel and bottle.

Bayreuth brewery and Bayreuth beer for the world

We are also closely connected with the people in Bayreuth and the region, because we are the “brewery of the Bayreuth citizens” and the shareholders live the customs and proudly carry our Bayreuth beer culture out into the world. The collector's shares would not be given for any money in the world, because a share in our brewery is much more than an equity stake - it is both a conviction and an attitude towards life.