Garage Beer Sticky Sticky Imperial Stout

Garage Beer Sticky Sticky Imperial Stout

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 Our first big pastry stout for a long time and it's a beast. Clocking in at 12% ABV and jammed full of Cacao nibs, roasted peanut, vanilla and milk sugar. Inspired by a classic chocolate bar but for adults only. We had to double brew small batches to be able to make this big a beer. It contains a complex malt base that really focuses on chocolate, caramel and all around decadence. After fermentation it was conditioned on lots of Venezuelan Cacao nibs, Roasted Peanut and Vanilla to create a dessert like beer that will make you salivate. The result is a stout with a huge, luscious mouthfeel bursting with sweet chocolatey, peanutty, caramelly goodness. Yum!


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