Hillstown Brewery

Hillstown Brewery have an unusual story of how they got involved in building a brewery and making craft beer. A passionate pair of eejits got together to feed cows beer with the intention of creating an affordable delicacy to the lovely people of Northern Ireland. You may ask, what do you need to produce beer-fed beef or the best Wagyu beef in the country? What is Wagyu Beef even?

We believe you need the finest ingredients, brewed by hand, to produce a truly remarkable beer, taking time to allow the grains, water, hops and yeast to work their magic. At the same time, we have to ensure that the beer will appeal to rare breed short horn cattle. Easy? Well, we found they were fussy about their beer and only the best would do. We figured there was no better way than for a farmer (The Logan’s – Hillstown Farm Shop) and a homebrew revolutionary (The Mitchell’s- Get ‘er Brewed) to champion this unique adventure. So, how did it grow into a brewery selling craft beer?

We received such huge demand for the beer-fed beef that we were soon out of plastic fermenters and into a production of 500 litres per week – and yes, we had a cattle house full of happy cows. They received massage brushes and music – Nigel even sang a song to them when no one was looking. The beer-fed beef project was aimed at relaxing the beast to produce a more tender and succulent piece of meat, not about getting the cows drunk. The result is the finest rare breed short horn beef in the country, sold at the farm shop for a price that makes this Japanese delicacy affordable to all.

When it came to up-scaling our equipment, we saw it as an opportunity to start to create some hand-crafted beers for the explosive craft beer scene appearing in Ireland. Another interesting farm diversification project…a dream come true for us…

We have always been passionate about hand-crafted produce, we always strive to support local and create employment, aiming to build a community around us that shares every step of the journey.