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Third Barrel Brewing Poppin' Pils - Hopped Up Lager 500ml can

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What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object? Third Barrel Brewery!

This unique concept was born when long time friends and brewers, Stone Barrel Brewing and Third Circle Brewing, decided to combine our experience, resources, love for brewing and absolute passion for beer and create one of Irelands most cutting edge breweries.

Our Brewhouse is a pre-loved VPS 1,100 litre brewing system which, in a previous lifetime, spent many years decocting fine Pilsners in the Czech hills. At its new home in Dublin it now produces the finest Irish craft beers at a rate of knots!

We package all our beers, in house, within mere meters from where it was conceived. Like the most overprotective parents, we mother each beer until its ready to spread its wings and head out to the big bad world! Sometime a tear is shed as it leaves.

Our Hopped Up Lager:

Think of a savage lager, now imagine it with a stupid amounts of New Zealand hops.

In 500ml cans, as we're told lagers should be!

This is a clean, unfiltered lager at 4.55% with Sazz, Wai-lti and Motueka hops.

ABV: 4.5%