West Kerry Brewery

Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne (West Kerry Brewery) prides itself in combining water drawn from 150ft below the brewery, predominantly Irish malted barley, hops and fresh yeast, with a touch of botanicals from the garden and locality such as rosehips, elderflower, blackberries and black currants added to our seasonal beers. These give a unique flavour and identity, known as the “Riasc” range after the town land we are situated in. All of our beers are produced in low volume, hand crafted from ground to package whether bottle,keg or cask here in the brewery.

Here at Tig Bhric & West Kerry brewery we’re part of the “Taste the Island” story.

For us, it’s important to keep as local as possible. So we use seasonal ingredients in the Brewers Kitchen because we love how nature changes the palate of what we eat and drink as the months go by. We have beautiful green fields, pastures and seas close by, and love to support local growers, small farmers and local fishermen. When we’re planning menus, our dishes are built using these quality ingredients. This means you will be getting a true Taste the Island experience when you visit here.