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59 South Pale Ale 500ml

The 59 South Story

Every great craft beer has to have a sense of place - and a sense of purpose. For 59 South, our place and our purpose are inextricably linked.


We never wanted to produce ‘just another beer’, but sought to push the boundaries of what's possible when true passion collides with a brewing expertise that is second to none.


It was in our very nature to rebel against the conventional. We believed that going beyond the normal was the starting point to producing a brew that was full of character, full of quality ingredients, full of heritage and full of spirit.


This sense of spirit brings us neatly to the place where we develop our receipes.


59 South was born at the foot of Mount Leinster, with the River Barrow flowing past our pilot brewery and providing the backdrop to a beer that is as distinctive as it is tasteful.


It’s a very special place, and one that inevitably flavours everything we do. The wild horses that have roamed on Mount Leinster since ancient times inspired our sense of independence and our commitment to doing it our own way.


Their sense of freedom spoke to us in a profound way, and we hope that their unfettered spirit and renegade nature is reflected in our beer.


So next time you relax with a 59 South, every sip will hopefully remind you not just of the brewing excellence that is at our very heart – but will also speak of the rebel spirit and ancient heritage that inspires us.



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