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Beavertown Passion Phantom 330ml can

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Beavertown Passion Phantom

Short, sharp and hypnotically sweet, are the captivating chords that Passion Phantom plays. Those island vibes, like incantations, spiriting you away on mystical trade winds to a tropical island paradise of pure, puckering refreshment.

Passion Phantom, Beavertown’s Passionfruit Berliner Weisse is a true, tart, joy, brewed with Extra Pale Barley and Malted Wheat to a thirst-quenching 3.5% then kettle soured with Lactobacillus and infused with piles of Passionfruit puree. Prepare yourselves for a very different beer experience. Think fresh kombucha style sourness with sticky, ripe passionfruit hit to create a beer that will have your tongue tingling in that ultimate “ahh” moment.

3.5% ABV