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Black Donkey Sheep Stealer 500ml Bottle

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Black Donkey Sheep Stealer

Style : Saison

ABV : 5.6%

IBU : 16

Yeast : Saison

Hops : Styrian Goldings, EKG

Malts : Pilsner, Raw Wheat, Munich

Food Pairings : tangy dressed salads and ripe cheese to grilled roasted, meats and vegetables, hearty stews, and rich gooey melted cheese.



Visual: Hazy golden orange, with big a pillowy white head

Aroma: Aromas of yeast spice, malt and “Saison funk”

Flavour: Sharp tartness is counterbalanced by a lingering malt sweetness and lively, natural carbonation. Notes of stone fruit, citrus and black pepper complement each other, and the subtle hop bitterness. The distinct, complex Belgian yeast character, completes the Sheep Stealer experience.

Mouth Feel: Lively, clean and effervescent

Body: Light to medium

In a time long ago, when legends were merely stories, the wild western tribesmen from ‘round here set out to liberate some of the fine womenfolk from a neighbouring tribe. Hearing of the approaching raiders, the crafty women disguised themselves in sheepskins and hid amongst their sheep.A canny crew, the raiders got wise to the ruse and plucked the fine women from amongst their woolly flocks. To this day the descendants of those same raiders are known as “The Sheep Stealers”.Unfiltered, all natural, bottle and keg conditioned beer.

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