Brugse Zot Gift Pack 330ml

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Brugse Zot Gift Pack 330ml

Brugse Zot gift pack includes 2 Brugs Zot Blonde, 2 Brugs Zot Dubbel and 1 Brugs Zot Glass. Brugse Zot is a delicious blonde beer, brewed according to a unique and traditional recipe. The beer also has a brown variety that is known as Brugse Zot Dubble. This beer is a little bit heavier and has a unique bitter flavour. Brewery De Halve Maan also brews the Brugse Bok a seasonal beer with a malty aroma.

Brugse Zot Blonde

Brugse Zot is the only beer that is actually brewed and lagered in Brugge (Bruges), the fierce medieval town in Flanders, the Venice of the North, one of the three most beautiful cities in Western Europe.

Pale blond ale, crowned with a white head, blooms with a fruity pronounced aroma, hints of lemon, and hits the palate with a refreshing dryness, embellished by hints of spices and orange, balanced by an underlying faint malty sweetness.

6% ABV

Brugse Zot Dubbel Beer 

Brugse Zot Dubbel is a dark brown beer, inclining towards ruby red. It is brewed with six special varieties of malt, which give the beer a rich and distinctive aroma. One can discover the scent of honey, almonds, chocolate and even brown sugar.

By using the Czech Saaz hop from Zatec, the beer has a complex pallet of roasted malts and a distinctive flavour. Brugse Zot Dubbel is known to leave a warm glow in the mouth with a bitter and hoppy finish leaning towards liquorice and even coffee roast.

Brugse Zot Dubbel can be paired with stews, different types of cheese and desserts prepared with bittersweet dark chocolate. 

7.5% ABV

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