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Bushmills Black Bush 70cl

Bushmills whiskey is made at the Old Bushmills Distillery, the oldest operating distillery in Ireland. It marks its founding in 1608 when King James granted Sir Thomas Phillips the right to distil whiskey. It became registered in 1784. Today, it continues to produce only single malt (barley) whiskey and when it blends uses grain whiskey from other distilleries. They distil a combination of 9, swan-neck stills that they believe produces a "lighter, smoother" style of whiskey. The brand and distillery were both acquired by international conglomerate Diageo in 2006.

Bushmills Black Bush whiskey is a blended whiskey that carries no age statement. It uses a unique recipe of different grains and aged in sherry cask... the website is very coy about how the name came about.

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