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9 White Deer Stag Saor Gluten Free IPA 50cl

A Classic IPA, using vast quantities of new age hops this gluten free IPA is full of flavour. Hop usage is late in the boil which gives big flavours and aroma without big bitterness. A well balanced quaffable IPA.

Gluten Content

Testing fermented products such as beer is complex and obtaining accurate results cannot be assumed in standard sandwich ELISA tests (the format of the R5 Mendez and Omega Gliadin tests).  For such samples a Competitive ELISA is recommended as this is capable of detecting hydrolised proteins and providing accurate measures of gliadin peptides.


9 White Deer Brewery only use a laboratory that offers this form of analysis.  It is the only UKAS accredited Laboratory for this test.


9 White Deer go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our products are gluten free.  The limit by definition is <20ppm and our beer results always come back with <10ppm.

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