Community Brew Project X Lineman Pulse 440ml Can

Community Brew Project X Lineman Pulse 440ml Can

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Pulse Extra Stout

Pulse is a full-bodied, smooth and creamy stout, bursting with complex flavours of chocolate and fresh roast coffee. Pouring a deep black colour with a tan head, it's a full-flavoured stout that will leave you wanting more.

Brewed in collaboration with Lineman as part of the Craic Beer Community Brew Project.

Community Brew Project

Craic is a beer community that champions independent Irish beer, and showcases the amazing talents of brewers all across Ireland.

 The Community Brew Project invites Craic members to decide what beer styles they’d like to see brewed most. Stout was the overwhelming winner this time around, so we approached our friends in Lineman who we knew would be the perfect brewery for the job!

ABV: 5.8%

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