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Craft Beer Advent Box - Pre Order Now

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A spectacular selection of beers inside - a delight for craft beer fans worldwide.


Our 24 hand-picked bottled craft beers are presented in a one-a-day advent calendar case, the perfect festive season gift to help any beer fan survive the madness of December!

You will also receive a branded Beerclub glass to help you enjoy all the delicious beers. 


An update regarding the dates of expected shipped will be provided the 1st week in November at the latest. 



  • 24 different beers each presented behind easy to remove numbered windows  - a true advent calendar. 


  • Features Award winning Craft Beers from Ireland and around the world


  • Various beer styles including IPAs, saison, lager, blonde ales and many more! 


  • Cans, bottles of varying sizes from 330ml to 500ml!


  • Awesome beers from amazing brewers! 


  • A delightful surprise behind every window.


We don't like spoilers here at, so we're not going to spoil the fun festiver craft beer surprise!