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De Glazen Toren Cuvée Angelique 750ml Bottle

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De Glazen Toren Cuvée Angelique 

Cuvée Angelique: “At the beginning of the last century Angélique and Domien (called: “den Houilleschoiter”) were begging as street musicians in the pubs of Aalst and at markets. Domien played the drum and Angélique played the barrel organ. They became a legend in Aalst.” A nostalgic recreation of the vanished Dubbel Speciale Belge style made popular after the close of the second World War, Cuvee Angelique is a Belgian Strong Ale that pours dark amber with red highlights and a fluffy off-white head. Aromas include candied fruits, caramel, yeast, and hoppy citrus with notes of almond, pepper, mild spice and apricot. Taste follows the nose but includes lingering notes of raisin and other dark fruits as well as coffee, bread, molasses and red wine. Lively carbonation helps support a smooth and medium-bodied mouthfeel and the impressive 8.3% ABV is remarkably well-hidden. The finish is long and dry with a touch of bitterness.

ABV: 8.3%

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