De Ranke Pére Noël 33cl

De Ranke Pére Noël 33cl Bottle

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Pére Noël 33cl Bottle 

ABV: 7%

Made for the end-of-year holidays, 'Father Christmas' beer, brewed by the Belgian brewery De Ranke is different from other winter beers. Whereas most Christmas beers are sweet and very rich, this beer takes a different tack, putting the emphasis on its hops.  

It's unfiltered, unpasteurised and top-fermented, brewed with pale malts, caramelised malts, very aromatic hops, and spices. Its complex taste is enriched through the addition of liquorice. 

This Christmas Beer, amber in colour, delivers bittersweet aromas that develop gradually. First come the fruity notes, and then the nose takes a turn towards bitterer notes. On the palate, it is caramelised and spicy with notes of cinnamon, liquorice and also citrus, before making way for a fairly dry finish.

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