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This gift set contains 1 Deus 75cl and 2 original glasses. Perfect for a different type of bubbly!

Deus, brut des Flandres, is a Champagne Beer. After its first fermentation, the beer is brought to Epernay in the middle of the French Champagne region, where it re-ferments in the same way as the famous sparkling champagne wine. This means that the beer stays to re-ferment in the famous champagne cellars for nine months, where they are turned manually every week.

Deus is a delightflul subtle beer, light blond and scintillating with extremely tiny bubbles. It has a complex aroma with fragrances of apple, mint, thyme, citrus, ginger, malt, pears, hops allspice and cloves. Its flavor is delicate and complex, it has the sweetness of grapes and the fruitiness of an apple. Deus is ideal as an aperitif, it is a magnificent symbiosis between a beer and a sparkling wine. It is a sparkling, divine drink, based on barley.

This beer is best served in the same way as champagne, at a temperature of 2-4 °C and in a flute glass. It has an alcohol content of 11.5%.

Deus was the first ever Belgian champagne beer, and it was a real revolution when it was first introduced to the beer market.