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Diekirch Grand Cru PerfectDraft 6L Keg

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Diekirch Grand Cru PerfectDraft 6L Keg

This beer pours amber with a frothy off-white head. There are tantalising aromas of toffee and caramel followed by a little malt loaf. This beer has a pleasant sweet taste, with just a hint of honey and round caramel flavours. A little wood and herb can also be detected, with a subtle tinge of bitterness to finish. The brewers have been using the spring water of the green hill Luxembourgeoises since 1871, and are very proud to be able to display the ‘Made In Luxembourg’ label on their products. 

ABV              5.1%
Serve @       3°C
Requires a PerfectDraft Beer Dispenser
Glass & Machine not included
***Price Includes €5 deposit

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