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Dot Brew Barn Door IPA

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Dot Brew BARN DOOR IPA 6.3%

What happens when some bright spark uses masonry paint on the warehouse steel door??

We get to document it and memorialise the whoops with a beer label.

The long awaited barn door - our label notes it's a break from the heavy dry hop..... that's a bear faced lie! Got to love an auld typo or so on the eve of release! It's an IPA, definitely an IPA.

A super simple grain bill of pale malt / flaked oats / malted oats / carapils / pale rye. A not so simple double dry hop schedule of cashmere / centennial / simcoe and a pinch of this and a pinch of that.

Still easy drinking - light and fluffy - full on fruit bowl with a tasty dank note.

Hitting the fridges in the next couple of days.

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