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Dot Brew B8 D8 Dark Ale 330ml Bottle

Tasting Notes:

Dot Brew B8 D8 Barrel Aged Dark(ish) Ale. The blenders cut! A beer where new meets old with a mission to create balance from complexity. This has taken a full year of testing, blending and maturating from their Dublin 8 stores. A blend of influences from a set of 8 unique barrels. Ranging from sweet Caribbean Rum, soft woody bourbon, robust port, fruity red wine, Irish single malt and bright crisp dry white Burgundy wine. An oxumoron in liquid terms. Dark in appearance with a lighter bright citrus & berry, vanilla aroma. The use of both American & French oak gives a balance of sweet & spicy tannis. A medium body with velet cocoa nib & coffee bitterness gives way to a hint of tart bright grape.




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