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Dungarvan Gallow’s Hill

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Dungarvan Gallow’s Hill Bottle
A strong ale filled with dark fruit flavours and toffee chewiness underscoring an earthy hoppiness.

This is a rich, strong ale loaded with classic flavours of dried fruits and a caramel nutty maltiness. While the alcohol content provides a warmth to it, aging has mellowed this to a very smooth, very balanced beer. Warming and complex, this is one to spend time over.

Cheese pairings: The classic pairing is with an English stilton, but also great with a vintage cheddar where the rich nuttiness of both would work well together, along with the biscuity malt flavours in the beer.

Food Pairings: As this is a complex, big beer with many flavours going on it’s not one that would be great with a full meal but amazing if treated more as a digestif and served with cheese or desserts and cake filled with plummy, fruity, toffee flavours

Hops: Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Sovereign

ABV: 8.5%

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