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Gentlemen Jack 70cl

ack Daniel Distillery began in 1863 when Jack Daniel--working for one Dan Call--purchased the still he was working at when he was 13 years old. It was registered in 1866 giving rise to the claim of the "oldest distillery in the US." The still is located at a cave where "cave spring water" that is "virtually iron free" is used for making the whiskey.

Tennessee Whiskey (note: not bourbon) is filtered through "ten feet" of sugar maple charcoal, which "imparts a distinct smoothness" to the whiskey.

Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey is charcoal mellowed in the same way as the flagship label... but it receives the treatment twice or additionally "blessed" in the terms of the distillery. This makes it "the only whiskey in the world to be Charcoal Mellowed twice, giving it ultimate smoothness."

Wine Enthusiasts gave a good review to this whiskey in their 2011 review calling it "mouthwatering" and suggesting a pairing with a cigar.


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