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Kammerling's Gin-seng Spirit 50cl

Kamm & Sons Ginseng spirit is made in a similar style to gin in that it starts with a base grain alcohol and then is infused with a variety of herbs and spices. Where gin's signature ingredient is juniper, Kammerling's uses ginseng as its dominant botanical. They use a total of 45 "natural botanicals" that--along with 4 types of ginseng (Red Korean, White Panax, Siberian, and American). Other botanicals include grapefruit zest, juniper (not enough to make it gin!), echinacea, goji berries, and manuka honey. We're told that four botanicals are macertaed (that is, soaked) in the spirit following distillation (the honey, annatto seeds, wormwood, and gentian). It could be considered a flavored vodka but it is bottled at a relatively low proof (33% abv). For this reason, we've opted to simply classify it as an "other spirit"--that is, a class unto itself.

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