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Kinnegar Big Bunny NEIPA Growler Fill

Scoring a gold medal at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup, Big Bunny is a winning IPA. Drawing on the area’s coastal rabbit warrens, this bigger, juicier sister to Kinnegar’s White Rabbit blends a bouncy wallop of hops with a creamy wheat texture.


About the brewery

A small brewery with big flavours, Kinnegar is named after the nearby beach in County Donegal. Filtering or pasteurising is not for them, instead they let their industrious little friends, the yeast, carbonate the beer naturally during fermentation. Since the opening of their state-of-the-art facility in nearby Letterkenny, the clink of bottles no longer mingles with the bleats of sheep – yet their farmhouse ethos remains the same.


ABV: 6%

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