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Kona Big Wave Golden Ale 355ml Bottle

Kona Brewing's Big Wave Golden Ale is a wonderful way to bring some of that 'aloha' spirit into your hands without having to travel all of the way to Hawaii. Founded on the big island and maintaining their local island vibes in all of their beers, this variation of a golden ale is crafted as something to enjoy after a long morning out in the surf. It is a lighter bodied ale meant to refresh while showcasing some of those tropical fruit flavors that are synonymous with the easy going island life.

Sip on a Big Wave straight out of the bottle or turn up some reggae tunes and pour it into a pint glass decorated with palm trees and bright pink flowers. The caramel malts used in the beer give it a golden color that is only comparable to the sun glistening over the Pacific ocean. The aroma is biscuity, with hints of toffee from the toasted grains. The select hops give notes of tropical fruits, mango, and perhaps a bit of hibiscus. The flavor is light, easy drinking, but more flavorful than a lager alternative. The fruity ale yeast and delicate combination of hops give it a distinctly tropical feel. A slightly lower carbonation than a typical Belgian-style golden ale, it's an easy drinker, definitely ideal to follow up a day on the long board.

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale is an ideal match for a Hawaiian vacation, but even if you haven't spent your day snorkeling through a coral reef, it can be just as appreciated. Pair the light, fruity beer flavors with slow roasted pork tacos decked out with chunks of fresh pineapple and spicy jalapeño. Throw it in the ice chest and share a few with friends while dining on a fresh bowl of ahi tuna poke, watching on as your friends make their best attempts at cannonballs and belly-flops off of the diving board. Just be sure to cheers with an “aloha" as you enjoy.


Origin: Hawaii, USA

Style: Golden Ale

355ml Bottle

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