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Krombacher Non-Alcoholic Pils 50cl

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ABV: 0.5%

Product Description

The non-alcoholic beer that persuades beer connoisseurs through it’s extremely true beer taste. Krombacher non-alcoholic is a pilsener beer brewed with natural spring water in a special process developed by our skill full Brew Masters.

Krombacher's exclusive brewing process as well as the cold, gentle fermentation storage, makes this non-alcoholic beer taste so convincingly good. Krombacher non-alcoholic is the ideal thirst quencher with a full taste and reduced calories.

What the Beer Expert Says:

Tasting Notes: This burnt gold pilsner lies on the sweeter side, with aromas bread baking in the oven, light honey and hay. On the palette, herbal hops kick in and remain a subtle backing note from start to finish.

Food Pairing: Chicken or veggie burritos. The herbal notes will play nicely with the cilantro in Mexican dishes, while the beer’s sweeter malty body will subdue the heat of the chilies.

The Verdict: A lot of non-alcoholic beers feel too light (or watery) on the palette compared to the real stuff — but not this one. With a heftier weight on the palette, medium carbonation and a crisp, clean flavour it feels like a great pilsner from start to finish.