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Lindemans Apple Lambic Beer 375ml Bottle

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Lindemans Apple Lambic Beer 

Lindemans Apple (Pomme) Lambic is a Fruit Lambic that pours hazy golden with a light white head.

Top fermentation with the wild airborne yeasts specific to Belgium's Senne region, and the addition of sliced apples to the brew maturation process yields a tangy, softly carbonated ale with an ABV of 3.5%.

The aroma of apples dominates, and gives way to a similar flavour profile that also includes notes of buttery malt and caramel; the fruit esters, never overly sweet or cloying, are perfectly balanced by a soft and sour acidity.

The finish is delicately tart and crisp.

Food Pairings

Perfect with rich cream sauces, hearty soups, aromatic cheeses and spicy cuisine - supremely refreshing.

ABV: 3.5%

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