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Northern Monk x Wylam – Moobin’ On Up Triple IPA 440ml Can

In 2017 we moobed it moobed it with our brethren at Wylam Brewery. The beer was celebration of hops and a middle finger salute to global brewing behemoths fuelling click bait articles about hops giving you moobs. It was a beer we enjoyed drinking. A lot. We’ve talked about bringing it back numerous times. In the year since we brewed I Like To Moob It Moob It we’ve both tweaked our approach to brewing IPA’s slightly and we felt like the time had come to brew the next generation. We’ve upped the ABV. We’ve upped the dry hop. We’re moobing on up.


ABV: 10%

Moobin’ On Up is a Triple IPA brewed by Northern Monk and Wylam, as a celebration of hops and middle finger to global brewing behemoths fuelling clickbait articles claiming hops give you moobs. Fruity, juicy, hoppy, and it holds 10% really well. Moobin’ On Up from the original, this version comes extra dry hopped and with extra ABV. Moob on, haters!

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