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Pampero Blanco, Rum 70cl

Formerly named Licorerias Unidas, the distillery has had a number of owners since the 1950s going from Seagram's (now gone), to Diageo, to Pernod Ricard, until local investors purchased the assets of the company in 2002 and established Distelerias Unidas. They take great pride in the unique soil and weather conditions of Venezuela creating "high sucrose" sugar cane.

The name "pampero" comes from the term for "a vicious squall that strikes throughout the Pampas of South America. Its forceful winds bring extreme humidity, severe rains and powerful thunderstorms in its path. The pampero may be intense, yet it creates the perfect climate to produce the rum of the same name." (from The Bar)

Pampero Blanco rum is the silver expression bottled un-aged.

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