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Porterhouse Bounty Hunter Coconut Porter 33cl

Bounty Hunter is the first beer from the Porterhouse Beer Project. 🌴
We gave control of the branding, style and flavour to our Porterhouse people.

This beer was envisaged by Phil Tavey, “Bodge” Kennedy, Mark Cadden, Paul Russell and Kieran Brennan. 

These guys look after the importing of high quality beer from around the world into Ireland as well as distributing Porterhouse beer to the masses. Bringing their knowledge and passion to The Porterhouse Beer Project. 
And so, we give you Bounty Hunter!

This is a dark chocolatey adventure in a glass, where the sweetness of the coconut envelops the voluptuous curves of this full bodied velvety porter in a slow dance on hot sands for your palate. 



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