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Porterhouse Stout Collection Gift Set

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Porterhouse Stout Collection Gift Set

Around The Clock Batch 3 33cl
Celebration Stout 33cl
Irish Stout 33cl

Around The Clock Batch 3
Warming and welcoming, the Around the Clock 3 drinks well by the fire or amongst friends! The palate opens with layers of vanilla bean, decadent caramel, liquorice, raisin, hints of toasted coconut and an oak char to finish.
7 hops, 7 malts and 250 days resting peacefully in a bourbon cask, just waiting to be drank. Packed to the brim with notes of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and caramel.
ABV: 12.5%

Celebration Stout
A true Imperial Stout, this beer is as black as coal. Velvety smooth with notes of coffee, chocolate and dark fruit. Hops are added at numerous points to the beer during its production with a twelve-week maturation.
Sure to please the more experienced stout drinker.
Food pairings: Pork chop, lamb, chocolate desserts
ABV: 6.5%

Irish Stout
An Irish Stout like no other, a recipe perfected throughout the years at the Porterhouse Brewery. This gently flavoured Stout has a roast malt character, a slightly bitter twist with a full-bodied aromatic flavour thanks to the Goldings hops.
ABV: 4.6%

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