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Craft Beer Advent Box - Delivery Outside Dublin after the 1st of December

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A spectacular selection of beers inside - a delight for craft beer fans worldwide.


Our 24 hand-picked bottled craft beers are presented in a one-a-day advent calendar case, the perfect festive season gift to help any beer fan survive the madness of December!



  • 24 different beers each presented behind easy to remove numbered windows  - a true advent calendar. 


  • Features Award winning Irish, UK and imported beers 


  • Various beer styles including IPAs, saison, lager, blonde ales and many more! 


  • Behind a few doors are some unbelievable exclusive beers!


  • Cans, bottles of varying sizes from 330ml to 500ml!


  • Awesome beers from amazing brewers! 
    • Including some beers you won't get anywhere else!


  • A delightful surprise behind every window.


We don't like spoilers here at, so we're not going to spoil the fun festiver craft beer surprise!


 Please note if you are outside Dublin we cannot guarantee delivery before December 1st.