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Stolichnaya Hot (Jalapeno) 70cl

Stolichnaya vodka was originally made in a distillery in a small village in Irkutsk from the waters of Lake Baikal. The purity of the waters in this lake are a scientific wonder and make exceptional vodka. In the modern era, Stoli is made here and in other locations throughout Russia creating variation in the brand's consistency (different water, different production, etc.). The good Stoli is legendary. (From The Complete Book of Spirits, Anthony Dias Blue)

This is one of the most famous of all vodkas such that you can order it by name: "Bartender, bring me a stoli!" It is one of those vodkas by which all other vodkas are measured; the benchmark in any given tasting or competition.

Stolichnaya Hot Jalapeno Pepper vodka was launched in 2012 to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of their first flavours launched in 1962 (then called Pertsovka). They say it is the "only vodka with significant mouth-heat" along with "delicate smoky qualities" in the press release (often, the spicy flavours of peppers are lost in the infusion process).

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