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Talisker 10 Yr Old

Tasting Notes :

Appearance: Brilliant gold.

Nose: Powerful peat-smoke with sea-water saltiness, the liquor of fresh oysters, and a citrus sweetness.

Body: Full.

Palate: A rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. Peppery at the back of the mouth.

Finish: Huge, long, warming and peppery in the finish with an appetising sweetness.

Staff Tasting Notes

Nose: Hot and heavy, with hints of dried cocoa leaves, castor oil and smoked chipotle chilli peppers. Pungent, smoked kippers and freshly ground pepper prickle the nostril almost immediately. An underlying layer of earth and peat is detectable after a few minutes decanting. Simply intoxicating.

Palate: A burst of pepper and peat hit the tip of the tongue, while a syrupy yet dry sweetness hits the roof of the mouth. Notes of ginger snaps as well. Not sure how that’s all possible. Fascinating how the heat manages to increase across the tongue. Extremely well layered and continuously developing in the mouth. A type of roughness you come to fully enjoy.

Finish: Long and peppery. Obliterates everything else you’ve tasted all day. This bottling has so far won six IWSC trophies 1993-1997-1999-2001-2002-2004 for Best Single Malt under 12 Years Old (more than any other malt of its age) and won IWSC Gold Medals in seven of the eight years 1997-2004. Talisker is a distinctive whisky, and Derek Cooper's description sums it up perfectly... "The pungent, slightly oily, peaty ruggedness of the bouquet mounts into my nostrils. The corpus of the drink advances like the lava of the Cuillins down my throat. Then vroom! Steam rises from the temples, a seismic shock rocks the temple, my eyes are seen to water, cheeks aflame I steady myself against the chair. Talisker is not a drink, it is an interior explosion, distilled central heating; it depth charges the parts, bangs doors and slams windows. There's nothing genteel about Talisker."

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