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The White Hag Beann Gulban Irish Heather Sour Ale 375ml


Our Irish Heather Sour ale is a representation of traditional Neolithic indigenous ales. It’s a true Gruit, in that it uses heather tops in place of hops to balance the sweet, rich malts. The addition of peat-smoked barley replicates the rudimentary turf-fired stones used in the brewing process at the time. We add heather flowers to innoculate the ale with wild yeasts to produce the characteristic sourness of the ancient ales.

History & Style:

Hops are not native to Ireland, and would’ve only been available to a neolithic brewer if received in trade. Archeology has shown that these ancient brewers of the Irish northwest used a wide array of different botanicals in their ‘magical’ brews; heather flowers being the most predominant. The heather is used as a bittering and flavouring agent in the same way we use hops today.

Tasting Notes:

Rich complex flavours of tart cherries and dark fruits with an underlying earthyness from the heather and peat smoke. Sour, yet sweet. Herbal, but fruity. Some describe this beer to be more ‘vinous than beery,’ and like a fine wine, this beer continues to improve with age. Note: allowing the glass to ‘breathe’ prior to consumption will produce a noticable change in aroma from earthy to fruity.

ABV: 6.6%

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