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The White Hag IPA 33cl Can

Bran & Sceolan were the two Wolfhounds of the famous Irish warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill. This is a complex story of love, lust, jealousy and magic! Fionn’s beautiful aunt Tuiren stole the heart of the Ulster Warrior Chief. But his jealous ex-lover went to extraordinary lengths to stop the marriage. She visited the house of the bride-to-be and cast a spell that transformed her into an Irish Wolfhound. Tuiren would spend her life as a hunting dog. She eventually gave birth to two of the finest hounds ever seen, Bran & Sceolan. It is only fitting that our Irish Pale Ale bears the name of these strong legends whose story is as intense and complex as the flavours in this beer. Highly hopped, bitter yet fresh and floral

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