Thomas Henry - Pink Grapefruit

Thomas Henry - Pink Grapefruit 200ml

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Thomas Henry - Pink Grapefruit 


Our Pink Grapefruit is much more than just a lemonade for the summer. Even if it already looks like a mini-holiday thanks to its blaze of colour. The unique fusion of sweet and sour makes grapefruit the perfect basis for our fruity-bitter, sparkling bar lemonade. It is especially suitable as a premium mixer for innumerable tiki drinks. Of course, we have not forgotten a pinch of sea salt. Since it is what first makes the summery drink experience truly complete.

Our Pink Grapefruit seems to have been made for the popular tiki drink Pink Paloma with tequila. But it also goes wonderfully with other drinks with dark spirits like whiskey, rum, or Cachaça. Or also simply pure, on the rocks with lime, cheers!

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