Thomas Henry - Tonic Water

Thomas Henry - Tonic Water 200ml

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Thomas Henry - Tonic Water 


An award-winning bartenders' favourite and at home in the best bars in the world: Our Tonic Water is a true all-rounder amongst premium tonics. Where else do the tart-bitter notes of cinchona bark and fruity-sweet citrus aromas come together so perfectly? Thanks to its balanced flavour profile, combined with a taste enhancing fine perlage, it elevates Gin & Tonics as well as many other bar classics to outstanding taste experiences.

Thanks to its high versatility it harmonises with every kind of gin. Guaranteed! Gins are not the only spirit to pair our Tonic Water with though. Also mixed with rum, vodka, vermouth, or wine aperitifs, it makes for splendid drinks that deliver a special taste sensation, cheers!

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