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Thornbridge Tart 33cl - Collaboration with Wild Beer Co

Our Bakewell Sour brewed in collaboration with Wild Beer Co. pours a golden yellow colour with a white head, the beer is refreshingly tart and dry with a combination of citrusy hops and flavours of grapefruit and bitter lemon.


This beer is named after the town that hosts Thornbridge: Bakewell (of the tart’ fame (although in Bakewell NEVER call it a ‘tart’, it’s a ‘pudding’). This pours with a nice frothy head, with a very light blonde straw colour. The aroma is… intriguing, it smells a little sour and fruity. It is clean and crisp with a mild sourness. Mild and very, very drinkable. The perfect beer for sunshine and spring air.


Bottle Size: 330ml
Serving Temp: 6-8 °C

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