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Trouble Brewing Silk Road Saison Can

Style: Saison

Strength: 5.8% a.b.v.

Tasting Notes: Silk Road has been brewed to be a classic rustic style saison in reminiscence of the old farmhouse ales brewed in Wallonia. Brewed with a very under-modified base malt, malted wheat & hopped exclusively with Saaz, Silk Road gives a very welcoming phenolic nose and clean refreshing flavour.

With aromas of lemon rind, clove, pink pepper corn & freshly cut grass, the beers nose tempts you into its first sip. Upon tasting Silk Road you’ll find it offers flavours of citrus fruit, bubblegum, fresh straw and more of that lemon you smelled in the nose of the beer. This experience is ended with a very clean and dry finish, backed up with a firm bitterness. Silk Road Saison is the perfect pair for your summer days and evenings. Á votre santé.

Grain: Stout Malt, Wheat

Hops: Saaz

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