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Uiltje Brewing Co Superb-Owl Non Alcoholic IPA 33cl Can

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Uiltje Brewing Co Piewee The Pineapple Weizen

0.2% ABV

It's not about the size of the bird in the fight, but the size of the fight in the bird. And this little owl has had a serious fight! You could even say that we went full Tom Brady and stepped up to the competition by creating a Non-Alcoholic IPA that actually tastes like a grown-up IPA and not a puddle of wee lager.

Superb-owl is a game-changer, friends. A low-alcohol beer that delivers a superhero punch without the dizzy aftermath. Or, in American footballer proper terminology, no concussion protocol required! And at just 85 calories per can, Superb-Owl is just as good for linebackers as it is for laidbackers who love to watch linebackers crash into buff projectiles (strange folks, these fans).

A refreshing, low-alcohol, low-calorie IPA that will keep you punting all night long. So yes, everyone is a winner in our IPA universe. Keep cool, drink fresh and HUT, HUT HIKE!

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