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Whiplash - Binary IPA

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ABV 6.8%

440ml Can

"A beautifully balanced and well textured IPA. Our usual grist components and a good helping of El Dorado in its whirlpool charge has been sent off to be tenderly fermented by London Ale III and then all watched over by machines of loving grace before meeting its destiny with a double charge of dry hopping. We’ve focused on brewery favourites Citra and BRU1 and they fantastically complement one another. Each getting their turn in tank until it’s full to the brim at 20g/L and sent off to these beautiful cans. This one is opaque with some killer foam and has a big heady nose of Pineapple, bubblegum and dank. The texture is exceptionally airy, fluffy and light from our heavier hand in continental wheat additions this time and has s soft, gentle and round body with a balanced light sweetness and big flavours of peach, pineapple and tropical fruit. Coming in at 6.8% you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a smaller beer. It’s a beaut"

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