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Whiplash Clap Hands 440ml Can

American Wheat Ale

 ABV - 5.2%

Summer is well and truly here and we’re rocking a load of light and bright sunshine fun-time libations ‘till the malty nights return. First up is Clap Hands - our American Wheat ale, made with a straight up, two step combination of 65% Pale Belgian Wheat malt complimented by honey soaked light German Vienna at the other 35%. We love the airy, fluffy and light grainy texture that wheat gives so we’ve complimented it with super soft water for the full and round 3D experience.

This being an American version of the style, yeah we’ve gone hard on two hops we adore by pushing her to 18g/L with a combination of lemon sherbet and lemon zest tones from our farm sourced Lemondrop intertwined with all the juice, fruit and roundness that El Dorado gets to give. Think watermelons, jolly ranchers and apricots all holding up those zests in the nose and through to the body. Mosaic this time is in a supporting role being added liberally at two stages to the whirlpool for maximum tropical soft pineapple bitterness kept very low key.

Artwork as always by the amazing Sophie Devere

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