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Whiplash Never Cursed Grisette 44cl Can

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Whiplash Never Cursed Grisette 440ml Can
Our light, sessionable and clean Grisette. This continental style small beer shares its roots between France and Belgium. Think of it like a micro saison built for city folk on the pints who are short of a farmhouse or two.
Brewed using continental pilsner malt, wheat malt and a non traditional very light touch of oats in place of a sometimes usual spelt addition - this is a light to medium bodied, crisp and bright summer sipper. Utilising Saaz hops on the brew deck for their citrussy light and bright bitterness, we cast this one off to ferment on our guest Belgian yeast and then lightly dry hop using Hallertau Blanc hops to balance in a delicate and complimentary bright wine-like gooseberry and elderflower top note.
The aroma is all the above doing some delicate dancing with hints of pepper and more complex fermentation notes from our Belgian yeast. The initial full, silky body from the natural carbonation gives way to a light and dry and slightly tart finish leaving you ready for another sip after that wispy vanishing finish.


ABV: 4.1%