Yellowbelly - In a Galaxy far, far away Barley

Yellowbelly - In a Galaxy far, far away Barley wine

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330ml Bottle

ABV 9.5%

"Tasting notes: Like buses, you wait all year then a 2nd barrel aged beer comes along full of people and takes you to your destination….or something like that.
Barley Wine is a style close to our hearts here at YB as it was one of our first bottled releases back in 2015, we thought 6 years was long enough to wait for a follow up.

Pouring a bright orange with aromas of fleshy stone fruits & wood, this beast of a beer spent some of its life aging in red burgundy barrels, which imparts some red berry notes to proceedings. The Lactobicillus and Brettanomyces yeast strains add an acidic character as well as that classic brett funk. The carbonation is soft and wine like, with a dry tannic finish."

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