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The Craft Beer Taster Hunt Continues...

August 13, 2018

It turns out that trying to recruit people over the summer months is rather tricky! Holidays must be for people who don't have hundreds of beers to be tasting! I've shared the photo of the beers on our social media before, but as the deadline for applicants approaches, I thought I'd share it again with the information the hopeful tasters were given.   After soaking 40 cans in the bath and painstakingly removing each label (with 1 manicure required after), these cans were shipped off to our 10 finalists at the end of July.   These were their instructions:   "Beer 1: Recommended serving temp is 7-10 degrees Celsius   Beer 2: Recommended serving temp is 7-10 degrees Celsius  ... Continue Reading →

Our Craft Beer Taster Journey! The Adventure Continues...

July 11, 2018

So, many of you have probably heard that we are in the process of hiring a Craft Beer taster (Yes, an actual real thing!) to help me creating tasting notes for our large and every changing range.  This came about because my poor liver (and waistline) are struggling to keep up with all the new beers that we get in here at TheBeerClub.ie HQ. It was starting to take the fun out of beer, and I wanted to be mindful of the amount I was consuming on a weekly basis.  After hundreds and hundreds of applications, multiple online news sites, and 1 radio interview later, we (meaning, just little ol'me) have finally whittled down the applications to a manageable 12... Continue Reading →