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How to Taste (and Drink) Beer

May 29, 2017

Here at TheBeerClub.ie we love to taste craft beer. Infact every Tuesday at 8pm we host a live Twitter tasting in collaboration with The Irish Beer Snob using #BeerClubIE If you're not up for tasting and having the chats with us, then this is a helpful guide to get you started!  Tasting beer is about much more than a simple “open up and swallow.” In order to fully understand and enjoy the beer you’re tasting (and drinking), there are a number of simple strategies to employ, as well as some general tips and tricks for getting the most out of your brew. 1. Pour  Whether you’re drinking canned, bottled, or draft beer, it’s imperative that you pour it into a glass. While a... Continue Reading →

You're Drinking It Wrong: A Guide to Beer Glasses

May 18, 2017

There’s no shortage of snobbery in the wine and craft beer communities. Exhibit A: the confusing array of glassware available to you and your favorite libation. Wisdom has it that pilsner glasses are meant for lagers, snifters are intended for Belgian-style ales, tulip glasses are for strong ales and imperials, and weizen glasses are meant for… weizens. There’s a similar orthodoxy for wine: You drink reds in glasses with large, round bowls and sparkling whites in a thin champagne flute.  But is this all a bunch of malarkey? Does the inward curve of a snifter really help retain aromas and enhance enjoyment of your beer? Or is it merely a promotional stunt for the glass industry? Most experts agree: Glassware... Continue Reading →