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Want a Hoppy Pancake Tueday - Use Beer Batter!!

February 22, 2017

Beer isn’t something usually associated with breakfast. If you pick the right beer you can add all kinds of amazing flavours to your batter. While boring milk adds very little, a spiced saison adds some savoury depth, a nice red ale a little malty sweetness, and a hoppy IPA a citric tang. The beer is also carbonated, which helps to give the pancakes a lovely light batter if you use it straight away. But what makes this recipe really awesome is that the beer completely replaces the milk. These dairy-free pancakes can work for both savoury and sweet dishes; try a wit – a lemony Belgian-style wheat beer ­– with traditional lemon and sugar, or an IPA with Cheddar and... Continue Reading →

9 White Deer Stag Saor - Ireland's first and only Gluten-Free Range!

February 21, 2017

The name 9 White Deer has a strong link to Baile Bhuirne, as it is where one of Ireland’s most famous saints; St. Gobnait visited and made it her place of resurrection. According to the 6th century fable, St Gobnait was told by an angel that where she will come upon 9 White Deer is where she will also find a mystical well and to then set up an Abbey and a church. The site that is associated with St Gobnaits revelation is just one kilometer away from the 9 White Deer Brewery in Baile Bhuirne Co. Chorcai This new range of 5 Gluten-Free beers include: - A Pale Ale- An IPA- A Red Ale- Kolsch style beer (formerly branded as Saor)-... Continue Reading →