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Black Donkey Underworld Allta 500ml Bottle

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Black Donkey Underworld Allta Pale Ale

The Underworld series was born out of our quest for adventure, our sense of history, and our respect for tradition.

Before industrialisation, before lab techs in white coats took over the brewing industry, beer was fermented with whatever wild yeasts occurred in and around a brewery. Underworld beers are all fermented exclusively with Morrigan 1, a wild native yeast exclusive to Black Donkey. Harvested from Oweynagat cave, not far from the brewery, and paired with the finest Irish malting barley, Underworld reintroduces unique, local provenance in Irish brewing, formerly eliminated by the absolute market dominance of the multinational beer manufacturers.


Our wild yeast, Morrigan 1 extends a tendril and embraces New World hops in balanced synchronicity. Toast, citrus, resin and yeast spice.

Food Pairing

Pairs with pizza, grilled chicken and zesty salads. Coolattin and 15 Fields cheddars, along with other mature hard cheeses.


4.8% ABV

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